CIRS-G Score Calculator

This calculator is based on Miller et al. Cumulative Illness Rating Scale-Geriatric: Miller et al., Psychiatry Res, 41,237-48, 1992.We corrected some discrepancies in the manual and added some comments. Pubmed ID: 1594710

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Rater: Date: 4/17/2024
Heart Score 
Vascular Score 
Hematopoietic Score 
Respiratory Score 
Eyes, Ears, Nose, Throat & Larynx 
Upper GI Score 
Lower GI Score 
Liver Score 
Renal Score 
Genitourinary Score 
Muscloskeletal/Integument Score 
Neurological Score 
Endocrine/Metabolic & Breast Score 
Psychiatric Score 
Rating Malignancies
Unlisted Diseases